Expert Advisor Builder allows you to create Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 easily. *Please enable JavaScript.

  1. Add Strategy and input parameters.
  2. Input Order options.
  3. Click "Complete!" button.

If you'd like to save/load your settings, click "Save"/"Load" button.

  • What's New(18 Feb. 2012)
    • 18 Feb. 2012 Removed the first non-needed logical operator field("AND/OR") from each logic form.
    • 5 May. 2009 Changed the name of tabs, and added the Guide and the Tutorial for Expert Advisor Builder.
    • 21 Oct. 2007 Changed template tags and user interface design.
    • 24 Apr. 2007 Added the 'Template', to use your own MQL codes.
    • 3 May. 2006 Added the function of sending mail. Switched 'SignalMail' variable of the property.
    • 11 Apl. 2006 Supported trading multi currencies at the same time.(Attached EAs to charts of currencies you'd like to have it trade.)
    • 28 Jan. 2006 Added 'Save/Load' saves/loads your settings to/from the file.
    • 11 Jan. 2006 Added 'Variables' can make you easily input the same indicators/parameters, mathematical operations and more advanced operations.
    • 7 Jan. 2006 Supported the immediate reversal entry.
    • 5 Jan. 2006 [BugFix] Entry signals and Exit signals had been executed at the same time.
    • 31 Dec. 2005 [BugFix] The StopLoss, TakeProfit options hadn't worked.Please modify the following part in the file had already been downloaded.
      StopLossLevel = Ask - StopLoss * Point; -> if (StopLossMode) StopLossLevel = Ask - StopLoss * Point; else StopLossLevel = 0.0;
      TakeProfitLevel = Ask + TakeProfit * Point; -> if (TakeProfitMode) TakeProfitLevel = Ask + TakeProfit * Point; else TakeProfitLevel = 0.0;
      StopLossLevel = Bid + StopLoss * Point; -> if (StopLossMode) StopLossLevel = Bid + StopLoss * Point; else StopLossLevel = 0.0;
      TakeProfitLevel = Bid - TakeProfit * Point; -> if (TakeProfitMode) TakeProfitLevel = Bid - TakeProfit * Point; else TakeProfitLevel = 0.0;
    • 28 Dec. 2005 Added 'Symbol', 'Timeframe' parameters to the parameters form.
    • 27 Dec. 2005 Added an extern setting of "Magic number" to the exporting file and insert it in comment fields in the Account History Log.
    • 27 Dec. 2005 Added the link to indicator's images and the Website distribute custom indicators on the parameters form.
    • 25 Dec. 2005 Added 'Custom Indicator' and some custom indicators on the indicators form.
    • 25 Dec. 2005 [BugFix] The export file could not be compiled.(Please make line feed code CR + LF, and save the file has already been downloaded.)
    • 23 Dec. 2005 Changed from 'Close logics' to 'Close(Buy) logics/Close(Sell) logics'.
    • 22 Dec. 2005 Added 'Collapse/Expand' on the parameters form.
    • 17 Dec. 2005 Released.

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This 'Template' is used to export MQL file. Expert Advisor Builder replaces Template Tags({foo}) with MQL codes.

Templage Tags
{EachTickMode}: SignalMode('True' or 'False')
{Lots}: Lots(ex. '1.0')
{Slippage}: Pip(s) of Slippage(ex. '3')
{UseStopLoss}: Enable/Disable StopLoss('True' or 'False')
{StopLoss}: Pip(s) of StopLoss(ex. '30')
{UseTakeProfit}: Enable/Disable TakeProfit('True' or 'False')
{TakeProfit}: Pip(s) of TakeProfit(ex. '60')
{UseTrailingStop}: Enable/Disable TrailingStop('True' or 'False')
{TrailingStop}: Pip(s) of TrailingStop(ex. '30')
{Var}: Definion of 'Variables'
{VarBuy}: Definition of Variables for 'Buy logics'
{VarSell}: Definition of Variables for 'Sell logics'
{VarCloseBuy}: Definition of Variables for 'Close(Buy) logics'
{VarCloseSell}: Definition of Variables for 'Close(Sell) logics'
{SignalBuy}: Conditional operator for 'Buy logics'
{SignalSell}: Conditional operator for 'Sell logics'
{SignalCloseBuy}: Conditional operator for 'Close(Buy) logics'
{SignalCloseSell}: Conditional operator for 'Close(Sell) logics'


Buy strategy

Sell strategy

Close(Buy) strategy

Close(Sell) strategy

Order options

  • lots
  • pips
  • pips
  • pips
  • pips